Personal Bankruptcy Help and Advice

Successful personal bankruptcy will generally remove all your debt, stop all your creditors from troubling you and, done properly, enable you to begin afresh and start enjoying life again.

However, deciding to declare yourself personally bankrupt must only be made after an exhaustive analysis of your current situation. The reason for this exhaustive analysis is that we need to look at the long-term impact and not just the short-term benefits. In many instances, bankruptcy can be avoided without the use of any formal insolvency procedures.

This holistic focus on the long-term plan for our customers is one of the key skills that makes us different at – we see beyond the majority of debt solution providers, presenting our clients with a clear and strategic plan for the future.

Should bankruptcy be chosen as the right route for you to take, then a rigorous analysis must be made, and sensible conclusions drawn from the following key areas of your situation as it is today:

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