Our unique holistic approach at bankruptcy.co.uk

Over the 25 years of our work, we’ve come to realise that providing business insolvency and personal bankruptcy solutions isn’t just about fixing and coming up with a strategic solution for the debt. The other half of the story is the ever so important element of the person that’s having to cope with the debt and all the elements that financial problems bring. Feelings, emotions, mental and physical health, relationships with family and friends, estate planning, aspirations for life post debt – we try as much as possible to include these crucial elements within all the solutions we offer.

bankruptcy.co.uk is very different to a vast majority of other debt solution companies in the UK and beyond. Our key point of difference is that we take a holistic approach to your debt issues, coming up with a bespoke solution to fix your financial problem, as well as moulding this solution to suit you as a person.

We’ve been helping people in your situation since 1998 – let us help you take back control today.