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Sean Kiani LIBF DIPFA4
Business Insolvency and Personal Bankruptcy Expert UK

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Expert | Independent Financial Advisor | Estate Planner 

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I’m not just a personal bankruptcy and business insolvency specialist, I’m also a fully qualified financial advisor and estate planner. My 25 plus years in the industry enable me to show you how to position yourself, as well as protecting assets using trusts. I will also guide you through how to manage creditors via negotiation, as well as assistance with express bankruptcy services. 

My services also cover helping you to develop holistic coping strategies to deal with, manage and overcome the most ferocious of creditors. I’m truly passionate about helping people who’ve found themselves in difficult financial situations. 

I’m always on the cutting edge of bankruptcy best practice so as to ensure that my industry knowledge is on point, this enables me to offer you solutions that other firms simply wouldn’t think of. 


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Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy specialists, simplified advice, affordable services.

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Business Bankruptcy

Asset Protection Trusts, avoid expensive liquidation fees. Director advice and solutions 

Bankruptcy Practitioners

Understanding Bankruptcy

It is more than just understanding bankruptcy. It’s understanding the  how, the now and the positioning for the future.  

Sean is a can do man, nothing phases him. He is incredibly clever, hardworking and always has a positive attitude. He has a hands on approach and the ability to think outside the box.
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