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Will my work find out about my bankruptcy? how long am i blacklisted for?

In most cases, a company would have no interest in whether one of their employees had been declared bankrupt unless it was specifically mentioned in the employment contract. You might have problems if you were employed in the financial Services, legal and Accounting professions, but rarely elsewhere. The only way a company could discover your status is if it searched the Insolvency Register or just happened to see it in the Government Gazette. Your tax code might also change to NT or nil tax, but no reason will be given for this. In short, it is only likely they will find out if you tell them.

As for the second question, you are not ‘blacklisted’ as such and will be discharged from bankruptcy after a maximum period of 12 months (often sooner). While it’s true the bankruptcy will be visible on your credit file for six years, it is now possible to get a mortgage 36 months after discharge. When all is said and done, bankruptcy registers as little more than a blip on the radar these days and people are soon back on track.

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