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Bankruptcy discharge and now a nil tax code .. are the two things connected?

My official receiver has applied for release as trustee with 4 months of the bankruptcy left. At the same time I have suddenly had a nil tax code applied. Are these two things related?

It appears that you are being discharged earlier than usual, something which usually only happens when a person’s circumstances are unlikely to change (people on DLA, long term unemployed, pensioners, etc.). We are therefore very surprised to hear of the nil tax code, as it implies you are employed. Moreover, a nil tax code is usually applied as soon as you enter bankruptcy, not halfway through the 12 month term. It then reverts to the normal code at the end of the current tax year. It seems odd that they want to change your tax code at this stage, especially since you are about to be released from bankruptcy. The only person who can answer these questions is the Official Receiver.

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