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Pre Bankruptcy Consultation

For those considering entering bankruptcy, whether from a failed voluntary arrangement, debt management plan, or simply accepting that a debt situation is unrecoverable then we offer a Pre Bankruptcy Consultation in order that you can speak with an expert who will help you to fully understand the process and who can provide you with information that allows you to fully understand the process you are considering entering.

It is important that people know what they are doing. We see many instances where people end up in very awkward situations mainly because they have never really understood what is happening and what the consequences of the process entail.

Its no different to if you were going on a trip where you need a guide that can show you the way and make sure that the process is as easy for you as possible. Our Pre and Post Bankruptcy consultation allows you to get answers to the very important questions you will undoubtably have.

Depending on whether or not you actually have any realisable assets left at the time you enter bankruptcy or whether you have tasks to complete pre entering the bankruptcy process. We can assist in prioritising what needs to be done and experience tells us that a client who knows what they have to do and is focussed on completing outstanding tasks are the clients that we can help. Our UK office is located in Bournemouth and for any clients that feel they need a face to face consultation then we can offer a face to face consultation at our offices.

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