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I'm still paying my Income Payments Agreement after three years - why is this? - Bankruptcy UK



I’m still paying my Income Payments Agreement after three years – why is this?

My 3 year income payments agreement (IPA) ended a few months ago yet I’m still paying the monthly agreed fee and I haven’t heard anything from them.

You need to contact the Insolvency Services’ solicitors viz. Moon Beaver and have this IPA cancelled. Please understand that there are literally thousands of people in these arrangements and the completion of one is easily overlooked.

Avoiding an IPA or monthly payment to the Insolvency Service is one of our strong points. We have an extensive knowledge of the allowable limits for expenses in bankruptcy, whereas members of the public do not. Avoiding even a modest IPA of £100pm will save you £3600 over three years, a good reason to seek professional help.

Bankruptcy UK specialises in taking people through the bankruptcy process in a straightforward manner. We will assess your circumstances then submit the bankruptcy application online. Court appearances are no longer required for bankruptcy. Call us for a chat about your circumstances on 01425 600129.

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