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HMRC and bankruptcy – will I be arrested?

I left the UK with outstanding VAT and revenue arrears and HMRC threatened me with bankruptcy. I wrote to the tax office explaining i was going abroad and that i have no assets. If I return to the UK will  I be arrested at the airport over this? My debt level is in excess of 60k ..

No, because it is a civil rather than a criminal matter. However, if HMRC followed through with the threat and made you bankrupt in your absence, you will remain bankrupt until such time as you get in touch with the Insolvency Service and provide them with the information they require. The terms ‘Insolvency Service’ and ‘Official Receiver’ are interchangeable in this context. For the record, HMRC often follows through with bankruptcy threats and it’s best to make arrangements beforehand. If you Google ‘Insolvency Register’ and search by ‘all courts in England and Wales’, you will soon see if you are bankrupt.

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