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Business Finance

Business Finance

Looking to release monies from a property and cant?

If you have restrictions and notices attached to your property because of a bankruptcy order at some point in the past? Or possibly a failed IVA then we may be able to help.

With the assistance of fellow Insolvency Practitioner who work towards improving a clients journey towards solvency , we are pleased to offer access to smaller lenders with an understanding of complex financial restrictions.

There are certain money lending rules that prohibit individuals of taking loans like this out in their personal capacity.

Therefore if borrowing is a requirement then they can provide Business Finance to Businesses owners. the business finance is a way of providing monies into your business that will allow you to loan yourself the money from the company to repay your trustee in bankruptcy or the supervisor of an existing IVA.

This can happen very quickly and providing you are able to produce signed and returned documents an offer can be made to you.

The view we take is practical. Monies are often tied into assets that have either, charges or restrictions against the property. This makes high street borrowing very difficult indeed for the majority of people who end up in this position. The option is more expensive, there is no question of that but mathematically these situations have to be measured against what the alternative in doing nothing is going to cost.

If you would like to discuss equity release of this nature call Sean 07479719319

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