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Bankruptcy UK About Us

We are one of the most established bankruptcy uk help service on the net.  We provide all the information you need to make the right decisions and will discuss a bankruptcy uk strategy that is bespoke especially for your circumstances.

Established now for 18 years theres no situations we don’t understand and cannot find solutions for.


Its not always easy for everyone to do what is necessary and to make the adjustments and changes to life situations that have brought them to either be facing bankruptcy or already entered it.

Our objective is to explore all options in finding a solution to a given problem, then set about solving it. If bankruptcy is not the solution, we will not hesitate to say so.

We use bankruptcy as a tool for discharging unmanageable debts thus providing a fresh start and new beginning. Clients are provided with relief from the stress of having to manage their debt situations on their own.

We take control straight away and you will have access to our team until 22.00 every day. You will also have direct access to your consultant out of hours.

You will find that our consultants provide a uk bankruptcy service where all options are explored. It is often the case that people simply don’t understand what they can and can’t do.

As uk bankruptcy solutions experts since 1998, we are extremely proficient in navigating people to a position of safety whilst explaining everything in plain English at all times.
All of our fees are transparent. There are no hidden extras.



Bankruptcy UK

Bankruptcy UK