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We will answer your bankruptcy questions with our Pre Bankruptcy Consultation service:

We find that clients come to us believing that their circumstances allow for no other option apart from bankruptcy. They are  often surprised

We are veery successful in reducing large creditor debts like Mortgage Repossession shortfalls.

If your financial circumstances are such that your income does not allow you to repay a large debt often like a mortgage shortfall then we will make a full and final settlement offer.

These offers we make to creditors are often accepted because if they don’t accept the offer in many instances there are no assets held by the debtor which makes the offer being made actually quite attractive, with the alternative being bankruptcy in which case there will be no dividends at all.

Our online bankruptcy questions allows you to ask your bankruptcy questions and get a response to questions within a few hours.

If you have specific bankruptcy questions then you will receive an email from us answering your question.

You have the opportunity to make contact with us directly.

This gives you a much greater understanding of identifying precisely the areas of concern and get the answers you need.

You will receive a straight forward  transparent approach. Peoples situations vary considerably. We provide a solution that is tailor made for your specific circumstances and move at a speed that is comfortable to manage.

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Every situation is different & unique. Ask a question about your debts & we will answer it for Free. We are Solvency Practitioners and practice getting you away from debt.

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