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Bankruptcy Fees

Bankruptcy fees can be off putting for a lot of people. You will need to raise the now-standard £680 fee if you want to use bankruptcy as a fresh start  If you proceed without professional assistance, this fee will be the only cost and is paid when the bankruptcy application is submitted online. Unfortunately, there are no more fee remissions for those on low income or benefits, everyone has to pay the same fee.

In order to make it achievable we have structures in place that allow for monthly payments up to 4 months.

This is ideal for most clients as it gives people a chance to understand what is happening and what they must do in order to prepare for whatever implications could occur once the bankruptcy order is granted. This time is precious because it provides the perfect opportunity to get your house in order and get done what needs to get done. This will allow you to complete a series of tasks and understand what you must do and get ready for after the bankruptcy order is made.

If you are already in position with the fees available then theres no delay with the exception of you being in an IVA that hasn’t failed. In this instance you will need to fail the IVA and receive a notice of termination before the bankruptcy order can be made. This usually takes 3-4 months. In this time if required al your creditors can be made aware of the intentions.

Bankruptcy fees are £680 in England and Wales but only £100 in Scotland. We can only assume that the bankruptcy Costs haven’t changed in Scotland yet to be in Line with England and Wales. We attempt to keep Bankruptcy costs down but we do have to charge a fee for our services. Please look at our testimonials to see how we have helped other people.

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