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Bankruptcy FAQ

Please browse our bankruptcy Frequently asked Questions on the home page. There are well over 230 of the most frequently asked questions posted by people just like you or call us and speak to a specialist adviser. We provide a free Pre-bankruptcy consultation service, as well as providing intermediary services with Supervisors of IVAs and Trustees in bankruptcy. It is common for people considering bankruptcy not to not be aware of the various procedures, but we will explain everything in plain English.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our questions site then please call us directly and we will do everything possible to help you. We provide a free initial consultation followed by an email summary. There is no obligations to use our services but we hope you do.

We are always very pleased when we receive calls from people who are distressed by their financial circumstances. They have often conjured up all manner of scary images as to what might happen following a bankruptcy, but a quick chat often calms them down. In fact, it is often the case that the situation isn’t actually as bad as they first thought and that there is a straightforward way around the problem.



Bankruptcy UK

Bankruptcy UK