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do debt management plans work with payday loans



Do debt management plans work?

DMPs are most generally designed for those who have lower amounts of debt e.g. £7,500 and are in a situation where their finances might improve within a foreseeable period. The problem with these plans is that the monthly payments are usually so low that they never repay the capital and drag on for years at a time. The positive points are that creditors are kept at arms length and often interest is frozen for a period of time, though not permanently.

If your debts are below £15,000 and you meet the criteria, you might want to consider a Debt Relief Order, which is a type of ‘mini bankruptcy’. If you go on the internet and find that you fit the criteria, then this is definitely the better option as your debt is wiped once and for all – your local CAB will arrange the DRO paperwork for you. If your debts are above £15,000 it is unlikely you will ever repay the capital and you might want to call us.

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