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How to apply for bankruptcy?

When deciding to petition for bankruptcy, you have the option of contacting your local county court and asking them to post you an application form. The court fee for bankruptcy in England and Wales is £700 and £100 if you live in Scotland. If you decide that you wish to proceed by yourself, then you are welcome to do so.

Alternatively, the Citizens Advice Bureau can assist people with this. Organisations like ours are privately funded and charge fees for their services. We charge a one off set fee which can be paid in installments if you prefer. The most important aspect when choosing a company to assist you, is whether you feel comfortable with the advice. As a rule, conversations should be supported by a follow up email or letter, as this shows that the company is taking you seriously.

Advantages of using a company like ours:

  • Our advisers are ex Financial Services and generally have 20 years experience in the industry
  • Our Advisers do not follow a script and listen carefully to what is being said, rather than bulldozing through a presentation.
  • We follow up all advice with an email within 30 minutes
  • We have up-to-the minute information re changes to legislation and allowable expenses.
  • Our success rate in avoiding Income Payments Agreements (IPAs) is high
  • We are the only company in the UK that will contest unfair Official Receiver decisions after your bankruptcy




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